On the advice of a white friend (wow that feels weird to say.  Hi I’m Emilio and I have a white friend.  Does that count as reverse racism?)  who’s very much in the middle of rejecting their own racism, I created this blog.  This isn’t to talk about racism and the politics of it, but instead to tell stories about my non-white friends and myself when we are confronted (or alternately smacked upside the head) with racism in our everyday lives.

These stories can range from the obvious of having a cop pull you over for Walking While Black/Hispanic, to the more subtle things of someone saying that they love Japanese anime to someone who’s of Southern Chinese decent as a covert way to say they’re “down” with people of the Orient. They won’t be bugged with political commentary though, because the way I see it the stories themselves are political commentary, even if people take the wrong conclusions from them in the end, the story was told and the truth has been put out there.

This is going to be an ongoing project with probably no chronological order, since it’s from multiple people – I just transcribe events – and stories from daily life that could have happen when the person was six, or if it happened today.

Hopefully someone will at least enjoy reading this…or not and hate me and my own for the rest of our lives. Either way is cool with me as long as I don’t get bombed or something.