Okay so I have a friend who’s a normal West coast boy, however his parents are Korean immigrants and he grew up in the Korean and Vietnamese area of our state. He can speak Korean and English, however he has about as much interest in the history of his parents homeland as most kids do nowadays, and he prefers pizza over tofu and vegetables. So yeah he’s not exactly a Korean purist, just of Korean decent. Also his name is Bae.

Anyway my mother was friends with the only black guy in her Mormon church1, this guy was a veteran from the Vietnam war, and was a racist ass mother fucker. My mother excused this by saying that he knew the difference between Vietnamese people and other people of Oriental decent. She was wrong since he often got Japanese and Chinese people confused, and when he didn’t he would still use words like “Jap” and other such things. I however adored his wife, who was always a bit put off by his racism, but since they were very old and Mormon she didn’t say anything.

The guy and his wife, Jack and Lindsey from now on, often babysat me when my older half-brother was at school and my mother was at work. My brother tried not to be busy when I was at home because my mother brought home some really…unsavory people, so it wasn’t often that they came around and when they did it was usually on really short notice when plans had been canceled of something.

So me and Bae were six, my brother was in an after school band class at the time trying to fit in with at least one group in his highschool that wasn’t just labeled “Freshmen”, and we were at my house alone doing things that six year olds do. Mostly we were drawing and coloring in the huge amount of coloring books I had, since these were the days of pay by minute internet here, so a couple of kids weren’t going to be using it for their leisure time, that and I’ve always loved coloring books and they kept my markers away from the walls until I was a teenager. That’s when Jack and Lindsey show up, saying my mother had called them.

Most of the 2 hours went by fine and than my older half-brother came home. Jack pulled my brother in to the kitchen so that they could “talk”. Bae and I were curious children so I distracted Lindsey and Bae went to eavesdrop. However the sneakiness of a six year old is usually overestimated and Bae got caught. My half-brother shooed Bae back towards me and Lindsey and told us to behave. Before he could get back in to the kitchen though Jack started talking loudly about how Bae was a “gook” that “was as sneaky as his buckethead parents”.

My older half-brother who was a pacifist Buddhist told him to leave before he became violent in front of the children and told his wife that she could come over but not her husband. She apologized and they both left.
It wasn’t until the next year when we told Bae’s mother what had happened that we actually found out what all that meant, since my brother could bring himself to say it and explain it. After that I spent my time at Bae’s home, though I had to see Jack every Sunday until I got old enough to skip the whole affair. He stayed a racist even after he died since his eulogy actually mentioned something derogatory about the Vietnamese.

1: True fact, there are very few churches as white as the Mormon churches, and they’re just as much killjoys. The LSD church really needs to get some fucking Brazilians in its organization, maybe it will chill them out a bit.