So you may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while. That’s not because I don’t have stories, I get a new one everyday after all, but my computer is Broke, capital B and all.

My computer was a gift, because I am and always have been to poor to get one of my own, I wouldn’t be able to afford internet if it weren’t for my bestfriend/roommate having a job that pays slightly more than mine. So yeah I’m kinda screwed here, and I’m probably not going to have a lot of posts going up for a while for obvious reasons.

Though just to give you a tidbit of subtle racism for the day.

I have yarn braids because they are the only way to braid my hair, and even than we have to modify them because of how my hair is thin, curly, frizzy and flat, all at the same time. My best friends mother, who is so white that she can’t track back the time in which her family came to America, pointed them out by grabbing hold of them and saying something along the lines of this:

“Why aren’t you doing a peasant braid? You would look pretty with them.”

I didn’t even know how to handle that, so I just told her that my hair wouldn’t be up to the job, and that I didn’t like the style. Seriously, how do you handle your best friends mom saying that kind of shit straight to your face?! I still don’t know.