My work place is where pop-culture goes for lunch everyday at 2pm. Okay maybe not that bad, but if there is a fad we have a person that is that fad, except for me, because I’m non-white and vegan and that just makes me weird.

We have 5 women, and three of them claim to be bisexual but are all hooked up with men and have either had no femalexfemale relationships or they’ve had a maximum of two as compared to more than 4 past male lovers. Also every single one of them thinks oral sex is “weird”, but somehow they expect other people to think they’re bi. I’m so not going to get into my own sex life and the fact that I have no problems whatsoever with anything to do with the human body, because I’m sure that would bring along a slew of puto comments about me, and I’m not interested. But needless to say these women are hyper fucking critical of other non-pornified women.

The worst is my manager though.

She’s a 30-something bisexual married women in a polyamorous relationship, though at the moment her husband is the one that’s dating because she’s kinda busy pining for someone who isn’t interested. She adores Glee, Twilight and Harry Potter1, and she hates public transit and libraries because they’re really just too low class for her; i.e. not white enough.

Now her and I were talking about our sex lives because it was 7 at night and we had no customers for the past 2 hours so our conversation devolved into what’s going on in our respective lives, and from there into who was doing who, when and where. Her husband was on a date that night with a nurse from a local hospital who had found him cute, if not a bit socially awkward2, this of course lead to her husband’s taste in women which was different than hers.

“Yeah he just has horrible taste in women. His first wife was one of those butch lesbians that was fatter than me, and than like after he married me he dated this other lady who was just ugly. His last girlfriend was black, which I’m still having to get over my own things about black people being ugly, but regardless she wasn’t the best looking person out there.”

That was an actual quote from her.

And the scary thing is that the only other bi girl that watches Glee, Twilight and Harry Potter thinks the same about black people. And the only boy who watches all those same things thinks black people are weird and, until last week, thought all Hispanics were Mexicans and had never heard the word Hispanic until I described myself using the word. My work place is racisttopia really but I just needed to share this.

1 Yes I hate all three of these and it’s not for stupid homophobic reasons okay.

2 which he totally is BTW, I’ve had to interact with him multiple times.